Helping Major, Regional and Local Oil Companies
Improve the Performance of Their Fuel Card Programs


General FAQs

Q: How can I get more information about FleetCor's Partner Service offerings?
A: To learn more about FleetCor's Partner Service offerings and how we can better serve you, please fill out the Contact Us form. One of our knowledgeable representatives will get back to you promptly to schedule an appointment.

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Global FleetNet FAQs

Q: What is Global FleetNet?
A: Global FleetNet is the industry-leading processing platform purpose-built to service commercial fuel card programs.
Q: Is Global FleetNet in use today?
A: Yes. FleetCor entrusted its own business, CCS, the leading fuel card issuer in the Czech Republic, with Global FleetNet. GFN allowed CCS to expand its fuel card offerings by launching new programs supported by sophisticated pricing and advanced customer reporting. With an average of 1,200,000 transactions per month, GFN provides multi-language, multi-currency, and multi-country processing for CCS' 30,000 customers.
Q: What are the benefits of Global FleetNet's segmented architecture?
A: Global FleetNet's segmented architecture allows for straight-through processing and allows the system to power through massive volumes of transactions, while minimizing (and in some cases, eliminating) capacity concerns. The core of the GFN system is its four shared databases—WWW, MIS, OLTP, and Batch—each functionally specialized and held together through database-level synchronization.
Q: What are Global FleetNet's IT specifications?

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Revenue Management FAQs

Q: What is Revenue Management?
A: FleetCor's Revenue Management offering provides ongoing rate improvement consulting and implementation. FleetCor focuses on the various rate levers—rebates, discounts, customer fees, and retailer fees—so oil company partners experience an immediate and significant positive impact on their bottom line profits.
Q: What kind of improvements can oil companies realize with FleetCor's Revenue Management offering?
A: Oil companies can expect to see a significant improvement to both the top and bottom line of their fuel card program. In one of its subsidiary businesses, FleetCor was able to increase revenue by 136% and profit by 574% over the course of seven years.
Q: Does the Global FleetNet platform need to be installed to benefit from a Revenue Management engagement with FleetCor?
A: No. With FleetCor's Revenue Management offering, oil companies can still take advantage of FleetCor's years of experience managing commercial fuel card programs by implementing certain rate policies and practices using their existing system.

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Program Management FAQs

Q: What is Program Management?
A: FleetCor's Program Management offering provides turnkey outsourcing of your entire fuel card program, enabling you to focus on your core business of selling fuel.
Q: Are there any examples of Program Management in place?
A: Yes. FleetCor is helping top oil companies today deliver world class fuel card programs through full program management, including Chevron, BP, Arco, and Citgo. See our case studies for more specific examples.
Case Study: Major Oil Company Seeks to Reduce Program Expenses
Case Study: Major Oil Company Seeks Portfolio Growth
Q: Which business functions are outsourced to FleetCor through its Program Management offering?
A: With FleetCor's Program Management offering, oil companies can fully outsource the following functions:
  • Revenue Management
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Processing
  • Customer Service
  • Fulfillment
  • Credit and Loss Management
  • General & Administrative (e.g., HR, IT, Finance)
Q: Can FleetCor help my company exit the fuel card business entirely?
A: FleetCor has adequate capital and resources to purchase the assets of your fuel card business, and would welcome a conversation regarding the structure of such an arrangement.
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